Take care of the birds in your garden and they’ll help take care of your garden.

Bird seeds, houses, feeders and more ways to keep Ohio's wide range of birds coming to your yard.

Your garden benefits from birds in your yard or garden, eating insects and weed seeds, and pollinating plants. Perhaps most important of all, they add life, beauty and natural music! We’re fortunate in Central Ohio to have a wide range of birds living among us. Strader’s has a full selection of products to provide a welcome home to the helpful birds where you live.

A selection of our Bird products:

Birds On Feeder

Bird Seed & Feeders

Birds are a welcome guest in any garden and Strader’s has the seed and feeders you need to keep them happy. 

Brands we carry include Perky Pet, Audobon, Classic Brands, and Panacea. Treat your garden friends to the best!


Bird Houses

If you’d like your flying friends to stick around a little longer, Strader’s also has a variety of bird houses available that will give them a comfy place to live.

Stop in and let one of our friendly staff members help you pick out the perfect home for the birds in your area.


Hummingbird Nectar & Feeders

All of our Strader’s locations also have nectar and feeders specific to Hummingbirds. These beautiful birds are extremely popular and we carry everything you could need to keep them happy.

Also, while you’re in store, be sure to ask one of our employees about specific plants that Hummingbirds are attracted to. We’ll have those beautiful birds buzzing around your yard in no time!

And many more! Stop by your local Strader’s location to see our full selection.