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Beautiful plants are just the beginning at Strader’s Garden Centers

Strader's has a hand-selected supply of beautiful things for your home and yard.

Your home and your yard are unique creations that reflect your tastes, your personality and your creativity. Expand your palette by shopping at Strader’s Garden Centers for your home and garden decor. Not only is our selection different from what you’ll likely find elsewhere, we think it’s better, too. Because when you live and breathe plants and gardens like we do (how lucky are we!) you come to learn quality products and what people will appreciate and enjoy. We invite you to take a few minutes next time you’re in one of our garden centers to look closely at the decor throughout our store. We think you’ll find something wonderful to beautify your surroundings.

A selection of our Home & Garden Decor products:


Garden Decor

Our Garden Decor selection is huge! We have just about everything you could need to decorate your garden, including all sorts of pottery, fountains, statues, windchimes, gazing balls, and birdbaths.

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