Greenhouse Plants

Enjoy carefully-grown greenhouse plants from Strader’s – and see why growing them ourselves makes a difference!

Locally-grown annuals, perennials, tropicals, herbs and vegetables

We grow our own annuals, perennials, vegetables, potted fruit and more right here in Central Ohio in our own greenhouses. It’s how we make sure they’re healthy, strong and ready to produce great things in your garden!

A selection of our most popular Greenhouse plant categories:



Our selection of annuals is based on the wants and needs of our Central Ohio customers and friends. We also have our own favorites because, honestly – if you had your own massive greenhouse, wouldn’t you grow just about everything? From vegetables and potted fruits to hanging foliage baskets, we pride ourselves on the annuals that come out of our greenhouses.


Our greenhouses also produce some of the best greenhouse perennials in the state, and they’re yours for the choosing – Switchgrass, Allium, Geranium, Lamb’s Ears and so much more. That’s just one advantage of Strader’s; being local means we control the selection, the quality and condition of our perennials. And when you come in to select your perennials, you can count on excellent advice from our experienced, friendly staff. We look forward to supplying you with all the plants and gardening supplies you need for a thriving, beautiful yard and garden.


Vegetable Plants

One of the most popular spring purchases, tomato plants and other vegetable garden plants are in high demand because they grow so well in Central Ohio, and taste so good when ripe! We have a beautiful selection of tomatoes and other garden staples, plus all the hardware you need to stake your plants, protect them from critters and feed them as they grow.



Cooking with fresh herbs from your garden is a wonderful and tasty experience. Start with herbs from Strader’s and enjoy healthy starts with care and feeding tips from experienced gardeners. And if you don’t cook from your herb garden, you can still enjoy the smells of the more fragrant herbs like mint, lavender, basil and rosemary.


Seeds & Bulbs

Growing from seeds and bulbs has definite rewards, but also some unique challenges. At Strader’s, you can find everything you need to grow from seeds and bulbs all under one roof.

Our experts can help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s seeds by Botanical Interest, Lake Valley, Burpee and Livingston Seed, or accessories by Jiffy and Sunblaster. We’ve got it all!

But that's not all! Visit one of our six convenient locations to see our full inventory.